Make It A Great Day!

If your mother is alive, you are blessed; love on her.

If your mother is not alive; you were blessed

Remember Jesus is not dead; He is alive!

Change your affection, give it all to Jesus.

And if you still need a physical mother; Adopt one

There are so many women who do not have children

Who Would welcome some flowers or a greeting card for this mother’s day.

If you think about it, today can be a great day!

No Challenge Is Too Big…

What is it that challenging you today that take a hold of you? Could your situation possibly have more power than the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

The most impossible battle we could face on this earth was the penalty of our sin. A wage we could not possibly pay on our own; Jesus came here on earth as a man, paid it in full by going to the Cross, so that we can be free and can know God as our Father.

Jesus’ Resurrection tells us that no matter how difficult, challenging, and impossible your trial may be, we have hope as long as we have Jesus. So rejoice and be glad that you have Jesus. Faithfully, He will lead you to victory. There is no challenge too big for our God!


The Winning Side

I have come to the knowledge; because we are Christian does not mean we can escape from difficult times. But I also know that God of the breakthrough knows those moments will come, He has already equipped us with strength and strategies to stand against them.

He has already provided a way out through the work of the shedding of His blood on the cross on our behalf, this, to assure us not to fret  because victory always belong to Him and we are victorious in Him. And even when He sees we are powerless, He will take the fight and fight for us.

So either way we never go through without Him, and it’s a good feeling to know that we are never alone. God is with us! We are on the winning side.