Daylight Saving Time

fall back

For everyone who wishes they could get an extra hour of sleep, rejoice and again I say rejoice! You will get that extra hour this Saturday, November the 3rd,  the end of daylight saving time.

Saturday, November 3rd  at midnight, set your clocks back one hour.

Rejoice and again, I say rejoice!!!

The “BEST” In You

So many times we see ourselves through the eyes of betrayal, hurt and rejection, we give people permission to evaluate us based on what we’ve done, we give them the power to determine our self-worth and allow their thoughts to make our lives less enjoyable.

The story of the woman with the Alabaster Box fascinated me: The Bible explained as she entered the room overwhelmed with the greatness of her sin, stumbled through tears that blinded her; as she made her way to Jesus, although others could only see the worst in her, whispering who knows what… but Jesus saw the best in her, He saw whole, beautiful, and a worshipper in her.

The Bible continues and says she did not talk but everything she said was heard, with her tears flowing like a river, she washed the Master’s feet and used her hair as a towel and dried them.
In spite of others who was around acting as if they were more special than she is, she poured out her love on Jesus – in spite of the obstacles, she continues to give Jesus what He is worthy of; she kissed His feet. Somewhere deep inside of this woman resided a loyal and devoted love that she did not know was there until she found Jesus.

We all have a “best” in us. Like this woman, Jesus sees a lot of value and glorious things in us. We are more than our past, more than job, more than our financial situation, we are more than what others think about us, and we are more than our failures. No matter what age or stage you are in life, you have a bright future awaiting you.

As a child of God, co-heir with Christ. We have royalty in our veins that qualifies us as a VESSEL of Divine Light that radiates brightness wherever we go. You shine like a firework in the night and you are designed for good works.

Let the light of the Word of God fill your eyes and open them to see truth about you, and where you’re going. Let it bring out the best in you and see yourself as God sees you!

Respond To Interruptions

Have you ever got your day planned? You’ve got everything figured out in your head. You know what is supposed to happen. You know who you’re supposed to see and talk too. You’ve got it all set.

Then life interruptions come like a twister, messed up everything. Now you’re trying to get back on your feet, you don’t know where to start. When you look around its all chaos, you’re just lost. How do you climb out of the hole and get back to normal?

Here are some tips you may consider:

In the previous post, we mentioned that interruptions reveal our limitations and our need for God in this life. When it happens,  I believe, this is the best time to reconnect with God or to seek Him on a deeper level. Invite Him to give you direction because He knows the things we are supposed to get done in life and our times are in His hands (Ps. 31:15)

Along with that, loosen up the gears! Do something, start something new, anything. It can be one small thing. What’s important is, you are not staying stagnant for fear of letting depression take a hold of you. Get out of your comfort zone; you never know this can lead you to something great. You may need to talk to a counselor, go to a conference, exercise, start a journal, visit a friend or family out of town, go to a new restaurant, redecorate your house, change your style, etc…

Although interruptions are meant to stop you it should not be your final destination.

Do you have other tips?  Share with us.


Our lives are full of interruptions. They are aggravating and frustrating but they are also meant as a blessing for our own protection, to teach us or to make us listen and even slowing us down.

I have experienced interruptions and saw God’s hand at work in them. At first, it’s hard to understand and accept this reality, but somewhere down the road you realize: “that’s the Lord’s bell reminding me that I don’t have life figured out on my own; He does.”

When interruptions get in the way of our plans, how we respond to them reveals our priorities; they never get in the way of God’s plans for our lives.

Have you been interrupted?Interruptions cow