Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt…

How marvelous it is to love, love… love is not something you come upon by chance, it is a gift from God to us and it is impossible to live without it. Many searched for it, prayed for it, and waited for it and when it’s found it makes its presence known. It reaches your deepest selves and you don’t want it to never leave your home.

He finds her and he loves her. He loves her with his soul for he found what he thought did not exist. He loves her for her qualities, and he allows her to grow toward the person God designed her to be. Her happiness is his happiness.

God graced him for what he hoped and prayed for in life, with a grateful heart he praises her: He praises her in the public place, he praises her in the market place, he praises her on the street, he praises her in their bedroom, and he let her be his only fountain of blessings.

He makes her laugh, she makes his laughter. She loves him and meets his every need. He is her meditation; his strength becomes her strength. They give away self so that a better them can come to life.

Together, they pursue and delight in the lives God has given them.
Love forever shines the glamour of their smile and through the windows of their eyes display a scroll of expressions: “I need you, I am yours; we belong to each other, I trust you, I lean on you, you are my beloved, I’ll protect you.”

With the passing of time and the growth of familiarity, they not only thrive just to be good lovers but develop a deep friendship far more satisfying.

They learn to be a haven for each other, remembering the commitment they made: “to love, and cherish unconditionally; to support goals, to honor, protect, and respect; to always be a faithful partner, rich or poor, in sickness and in good health.” They stayed one in mind, one in Spirit and don’t be fed separately to never lose their sparkle in spite of the pressures of life. God is their One source!

The portrait of their love gives you hope to live.
The portrait of their love tugs you to rethink love.
The portrait of their love makes you want to feel love again.
The portrait of their love proves that love still exists.

I heard once that love is the prime creative force of life, how well we work with it determines the nature and quality of our experiences.
Love is not supposed to hurt – it protects, it supports, it’s kind, it rejoices with the truth. it’s always trusted, always hopes, always preserve. Love never hurt – 1 Corinthians 13:4-8