Be Thankful

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Way To Win

Life’s challenge is no joke and whether it’s small or big, it’s hard to deal with. Most of the time, our tendency, when problem arises, is to assess it against our own capacity to overcome. We fight with our own weapon just to see that situation solved.
But there is a better way to win, and not the way of fighting with our own strategies nor with our own resources.

If you really want to win and stay victorious, you must bring the matter to God, you must fight them through prayer; through persistent prayer and with faith in God that He will provide a way of escape. You will be surprised at the results.

Don’t get me wrong,  Sometimes it may seem like you can’t win that battle, but if you trust that God will step in, He will step in and make a way out of the no way you see. He already proved His ability that He can do a-l-l-things by creating the earth and everything that is in it out of n-o-thing.

So entrust Him the situation that you are facing right now. Entrust Him all the doubts, fears, and anxiety, and the panic that comes with it. Let Him be Your guide and protector, and Thee Sole provider. That’s the best way to victory and become more than a conqueror.

Daylight Saving Time

fall back

For everyone who wishes they could get an extra hour of sleep, rejoice and again I say rejoice! You will get that extra hour this Saturday, November the 3rd,  the end of daylight saving time.

Saturday, November 3rd  at midnight, set your clocks back one hour.

Rejoice and again, I say rejoice!!!