Don’t Allow…

Do not allow the storms in life to discourage you.
Don’t allow the earthly anxieties to outraise your praise for God.
Don’t allow resentment to consume you.
Don’t allow negativity to drive your mind.
Don’t allow disappointments and setbacks to lead you.
Don’t allow your possessions to become an idol.
Don’t allow fears to keep you from obeying God.
Don’t allow your sin to keep you separated from Jesus.
Don’t allow your desperation to lead you to the dependence of the world’s wisdom.
Don’t allow lies to permeate your heart.
Don’t allow what others say to drag you down.
Don’t allow memories of your failures to keep you from doing what God created you to do.
Don’t allow your passions and gifts to go to waste.
Don’t allow the unceasing noises of life to drown out God’s voice in you.

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