Don’t Wait Any Longer…

There are signs that make you say “I need to make an appointment with my physician,
” I don’t like the way I’m feeling. So is marriage. Marriage doesn’t go down the hill all of a sudden. There are some continuing signs that tell; This is not healthy!

Here are some of them:
When complaint of little significance or value turns into a bitter fight.
When there is no communication, you run out of topics to talk about.
When you shut down and close out. When you live isolated lives.
When you distance yourself, avoiding contact at all cost.
When neither of you is inclined towards intimacy,
when there is no passion anymore.
When you don’t have fun together anymore, no friendship, no laughter.
When you see you enjoy spending times, talking to your friend more than your spouse.
When you don’t hold hands When you stop kissing.
When you are going in completely different directions.
When nothing is a joint decision anymore.
It’s simply a matter of ego to prove what you feel is right.
When you don’t share dreams and goals as a couple.
When you feel like an outsider,
When you feel neglected and unwanted.
When you start digging up the past, name calling, verbally abusing,
and blaming each other.
When unresolved conflict and anger have turned
to bitterness and resentment.
When no fight left; you’re tired. You have no energy left to give.
When yelling and arguing have been replaced with silence.
When you stop caring altogether.
When nothing you do never be enough, there is always something to complain about.
When there is no respect.
When the trust is gone; believe it.
If you want to save your marriage;

Don’t wait any longer, get H E L P

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