Think Of A Dad…

Think of all the things this dad does.
Think about how he loves his children.
Think about a positive way in which his influence impacts those around him.
Think about the courageous, strong, and hardworking man he is.
Think of a dad you know…
Think about how he changed.
Think about how he wants to redeem lost years.
Think about how he would redo things if he could.
Think of your dad…
Think about one thing he did that no one else could have done for you.
Think about how you did not understand his love for you until now.
Think about what he taught you, every act of kindness you ever showed others was because you imitate him.
Think about your very prescription for success is based on what he used to tell you.
Think of a dad in your life…

One thought on “Think Of A Dad…

  1. Felix Williams

    I did not understand the love of my father until I was way up in age. He never talked love. He showed love. His actions proved love. If I can be half the man/father Johnnie Williams was, I will be ok.


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