The Winning Side

I have come to the knowledge; because we are Christian does not mean we can escape from difficult times. But I also know that God of the breakthrough knows those moments will come, He has already equipped us with strength and strategies to stand against them.

He has already provided a way out through the work of the shedding of His blood on the cross on our behalf, this, to assure us not to fret  because victory always belong to Him and we are victorious in Him. And even when He sees we are powerless, He will take the fight and fight for us.

So either way we never go through without Him, and it’s a good feeling to know that we are never alone. God is with us! We are on the winning side.

Be A PeaceMaker

With every conflict you have an incredible opportunity to exalt the Lord. So allow Him to transform the difficult relationships in your life into a blessing by responding with the humility, compassion, and kindness that draws others to Jesus.

God is the source of peace, and He empowers us to be bearers of peace. So be a peacemaker.

You, The world, And God

What effect does your faith have on your relationship with others? You see, the way we respond to the world especially those who mistreated us, will affect how the world see God in us.

Be aware, at times, God may allow you to experience conflicts so He can demonstrate His mercy, love, forgiveness, and compassion through you.

God wants you and I to behave as His representative on earth regardless of the situation so that His Light shine through you to those who need a message of hope.

So again, what effect does your faith have on your relationship with others?

Today Is The Day!

Instead of scanning the reach of another day, worrying for a day that you don’t have yet, take advantage of this day for everyday provides for itself. God already take charge of all the details for you for today even before you got out of your bed this morning. So, let everything else fade into the background. Today is the day. Enjoy today! Concentrate on the task before you today, concentrate on the One Who never leaves your side. Trust Him to show you what to do when you have finished what you are doing for the day. I am confident, if you bend your will to His will, He will guide you step by step.